Sunday, 26 July 2015


One thought we all have when we are to head out is "What am I going to wear?" 
YES. This one thing we all think about. 
We obviously can't be heading out to the store to buy a new outfit all the time.
But we can definitely go with the classics and look flawless. 
These are the 5 kind of dresses every girl should own so that she is ready to head out looking gorgeous and on point. 


You definitely want to own this dress. It makes your waist look 2 times smaller, hiding you tummy perfectly fine and giving your legs a finer look. ;) Top this with differest necklaces and accessories and you're good to go. Peplum never goes wrong.

2. The Perfect Black Dress

 OBVIOUSLY. Because black never goes wrong. Ever. Make sure this is the kind of dress which makes you feel sprinkled with happiness head to toes. Go girl!! Own it.

3. The Sequence Dress

Glitter never goes wrong does it? Owning a sequence dress is definitely an investment. You can look like a diva without even trying. It doesn't even need to be accessorized much. It's perfect to go kind of dress.

4. The Tube Dress

No matter how hard you try, you can never go wrong with a tube dress. It goes with all body shapes and sizes and makes you leaving magical. But you've got to accessorize it right. ;) 

5. The Flawless White Dress

Obviously because white is perfection. Try out the new lace pattern. Makes you look wow every time
you wear it.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

                      Someone's whose got your back!

I'm definitely very excited about my new blog. Can't wait to share down everything I have always wanted to related to fashion, beauty, style and basically everything girlish.
I thank my sister for helping me on getting this new blog!!
After all siblings are the BEST.
Love you all,
See you soon.